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A New, Custom-Built WordPress Site for Bike Easy

Providing education on bicycle safety, advocating for expanded bike lanes and trails, and hosting events for the cycling community, Bike Easy is the leading network for bicyclists in the New Orleans metropolitan area.


Bike Easy needed a new website that would reflect their brand identity accurately while also promoting membership signup. At the same time, their content needed to be carefully organized to improve navigation and allow for a cleaner layout. Administrators also wanted a simplified system so that they could easily add and update content themselves.   


Emphasis was placed on improving the sitemap in order to create better information architecture throughout the site. To prevent the main navigation menu from becoming overly complicated and confusing, sidebars were utilized on interior pages to expand the navigation options. Moving the site from its previous content managment system and building it fresh in WordPress would give administrators a more user-friendly interface to work with when managing site content. 


Improving the hierarchy of information by increasing the amount of space between elements and using brand colors and fonts strategically, the new layout allows visitors to skim through content to quickly find the information they're looking for. Now that the site visually represents the brand and is easy for administrators to manage thanks to being built in WordPress, Bike Easy has a unique website that will succeed for many years to come. To see the new site in action, visit   


  • WordPress content management system (CMS)
  • Fully customized and responsive design
  • Improved information architecture
  • NationBuilder integration
  • Reorganized content for improved search engine optimization (SEO)