Need Immediate IT Support?

If you’re currently dealing with a business IT emergency, we can help. 
Call us at (504) 896-8324 so that we can schedule a technician to assist you.

C4 has you covered.

We offer a full line of proactive managed IT services to ensure that your operations run smoothly around the clock.

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Business IT Services

We know what it takes to get your team set up to do the work you need to do. 


Assessment, repair, upgrade, and maintenance of dependable wireless networks.

Server & Workstations

Support, maintenance, repair, and replacement of servers and computers as well as automatic and manual updates.

Digital Infrastructure

Creating users and permissions to ensure that your sensitive data is always protected, and organizing your data to make it easy to find.

Protect & Back Up Data

We manage multiple backup versions so that your data stays protected and usable. 

Single Sign-On Services

Increase efficiency with regard to where a user needs to sign in to access all of their files and applications.

Cloud Setup & Migration

Make space at your office by removing the need for a physical server, and moving to the Cloud.

Remote Access Services

Providing access to an office computer or server from the comfort of your home.

Productivity Software Supplier

We can get you set up with Office 365 and the full suite of tools available from Google.

Some Tools We Use

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Contact Us for Managed Services

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Instead of hiring internal IT staff for your business, the Business IT Support team at C4 Tech & Design can set up, monitor, and manage all of your hardware and software needs.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, we have the experience and expertise required to be your managed service provider.

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