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A dynamic multifaceted website that provides information to help citizens gain knowledge for cleaner, healthier, and more equal nation.


Frontier Group hired C4 to design a new website to facilitate access to a plethora of information and engaging features. The news moves fast at Frontier Group, and they needed a platform that could handle the volume. 

You can visit website here:


To build a website that could facilitate rapid content changes without sacrificing organization. Integrating features that help users gain additional information through tagging technologies.


C4 worked with content editors at the Frontier Group to develop a design that was responsive, current, spacious, and informative. We leveraged real estate to allow prioritization and organization for numerous reports, articles, and informational blogs.


Our team designed a layout that could highlight important content and blog posts while also allowing supplementary real estate to promote supporting content. To help engage Frontier Group's followers, C4 also integrated a variety of ways for users to drill down further into content, particularly reports, by allowing for filtering, searching, and sorting on pages throughout the site. 


  • Leverages existing Drupal 7 content management system (CMS) and Bootstrap framework
  • Custom home page and sub page designs
  • Custom homepage layout allowing content editors to promote key content, including reports, latest news, and blog posts
  • Latest blog posts automatically pulled to homepage 
  • Ability to search for reports, blog posts, and other content using a variety of filtering and sorting techniques
  • Automated content cross promotion based on tags and issues
  • Integrate existing logo, brand, colors, and styles in a modern theme
  • Responsive website design, so the site looks amazing on screens of all sizes
  • Mobile-friendly site, with optimizations to speed up page loading time and increase page ranking
  • Social media links and social sharing using ShareThis and Tagging
  • Reorganized content helps with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Integration of Google Analytics to track website visitor engagement
  • Revised information architecture