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Custom E-commerce Application for Wholesale Canvas

Wholesale Canvas provides art supplies to wholesalers across the United States and Canada. The Wholesale Canvas team has done a fantastic job at growing their business over the years. As the demand grew, they knew it was time to upgrade their current e-commerce platform. You can visit their application here: https://www.wholesalecanvas.com/


To upgrade the previous Drupal e-commerce application C4 built 8 years ago with a custom application that could meet the unique requirements of their growing business. 


C4 used the Django framework, open source Python libraries (including the Saleor e-commerce plugin), and custom-built functionality to create an application that includes robust inventory, emailing w with tracking, low stock alerts, international purchasing and shipment tracking, and many more helpful features for their growing client base.


The responsive, web-based application provides a rich experience for users on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The new application takes the work out of facilitating and processing new orders. This enables the Wholesale Canvas staff to concentrate on filling orders instead of trying to acquire them! 


  • Responsive custom design & mobile-optimized web experience
  • Robust e-commerce platform
  • Stripe Processing
  • Systematic low stock alert configuration
  • UPS tracking for all orders with automated email functionality 
  • Email tracking and email bounce notifications
  • Automated international duties and tax computation  
  • Multi-level user system