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Survey collection, comparison, display and directory app for Kid Catch Foundation

The Custom Applications team at C4 built an app with Kid Catch to help parents navigate the confusing maze that is the mental health system. The application collects objective data on childrens' mental health service providers via a series of surveys and displays the results when enough have been accumulated and they have been approved by administrators, and after a set period of time has elapsed, to assure confidentiality. Users can search for providers based on location and insurance and then view the custom reports on their profile pages and see the survey results displayed.

Kid Catch needed a solid set of features to support survey collection and data comparison. C4 designed a consistent interface and intuitive workflows for users submitting surveys or searching for providers, or for administrators approving surveys or working with content. C4 used Kid Catch's brand colors to spruce up the app, and made sure all of the interfaces were simple and accessible.


Build a web application with functionality that helps people access information on mental health issues and locate providers for children and adolescents in the New Orleans area.


Kid Catch had a list of important features they wanted to add to the directory of mental health care providers. The key features were adding and supporting objective reviews of mental health providers, in a way that families can ultimately use to help find the best provider for their children.

C4 used the Scrum agile development process to work with Kid Catch's product owner to iteratively build the highest value features. Together we documented the product backlog, refined the requirements of prioritized features, and built the application through iterative work sprints.


C4 used the Django framework, open source python libraries, and custom-built libraries to create an application that Kid Catch was proud to launch.


  • Data migration from Drupal to Django.
  • Content Management System - pages, images, documents, menus, WYSIWYG editor.
  • Provides data on psychological issues and qualified providers addressing those issues.
  • Filtering across multiple fields for Providers.
  • Supports geo-filtering by distance.
  • Multi-step survey system spanning multiple months, with reminders.
  • Spam prevention.
  • Custom Provider report covering statistics on treatments given.
  • Custom Provider report covering quantitative assessment calculated from patient improvement scores based on follow up surveys.
  • Custom data entry process connecting many related records of data in simple forms.
  • Data export to csv/spreadsheet.
  • Admin approval process for submitted surveys.
  • User notification system for upcoming survey availability.
  • Multiple levels of user access.
  • Carefully planned workflows for a smooth user experience.