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Custom client and contract tracking web application for Good Work Network

C4 created a custom client tracking app that permits Good Work Network to efficiently track details about a business through an intake workflow, generate curated lists to send to anchor institutions, track contract opportunities, and review detailed reports on vendors and contracts. The system permits them to do all of this in a user-friendly and efficient way, permitting staff to focus more time on generating new leads and working directly with vendors to make the overall ConnectWorks project a success for Good Work Network.

Good Work Network needed manageable workflows for data entry, custom searches, and date-specific status changes. C4 designed an efficent user experience with logical, consistent visual cues in the form of custom icons, color coding, multi-step forms, and thoughtfully laid-out displays or data consistently laid out.


Build a custom client tracking application that helps Good Work Network more efficiently connect minority-owned small businesses with contract opportunities from large anchor institutions.


C4 used the Scrum agile development process to work with Good Work Network to iteratively build the highest value features. Together we documented the product backlog, refined the requirements of prioritized features, and built the application through iterative work sprints.

During the course of the project the features to focus on changed, and this process permitted C4 to change what was built to accommodate the changing priorities.


C4 used the Django framework, open source python libraries, and custom-built libraries to create an application that meets the current feature requirements and can be added to over time with more functionality.


  • Custom data entry process connecting many related records of data in simple forms.
  • Tracks anchor businesses and their vendors across multistep workflow.
  • Tracks contracts between vendors and anchor businesses.
  • Search in place across multiple fields.
  • Data export to csv/spreadsheet.
  • Tree based data structure for categorical data.
  • Date range based custom reports for contracts and businesses that takes into status at the provided time.