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A custom application for the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to improve access to needs-driven, evidence-based mental and behavioral health services in child welfare

The Custom Applications Team at C4 built an app with Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, to:

  • Enhance the knowledge and skill level of the DCFS staff and key stakeholders to understand the prevalence and impact of trauma on youth
  • Promote more effective and collaborative relationships among all stakeholders involved with this target population of children
  • Implement a new screen for traumatic events and emotional and behavioral problems to be used by DCFS caseworkers for children in foster care and Family Services
  • Improve the mental health outcomes for youth in the DCFS system by training clinicians to provide evidence-based treatment (CBT for trauma), as well as provide resources for parents and children.

It includes the ability to search for providers, view profiles, review interactive graphs on updated clinical studies, and view a robust FAQ section for information on the initiative. Additionally, the application offers a full training platform with video, text and testing capabilities.

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Build a web application with functionality that helps people access information on mental health issues and locate providers for children and adolescents for the Tulane School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services.


Encompass resources, graphs, and training within the app to help assist in child behavioral psychiatry for parents as well as adolescents in New Orleans and across the region  

C4 used the Scrum Agile development process to work with Tulane to iteratively build the highest value features. Together we documented the product backlog, refined the requirements of prioritized features, and built the application through iterative work sprints.


C4 used the Django framework, open source Python libraries, vue.js front-end tools, and custom-built libraries to create an application that fulfills their goal to provide a better support system for the community. 


  • CMS functionality via the Wagtail Django distribution.
  • Content Management System (CMS) - pages, images, documents, menus, WYSIWYG editor, making updates a breeze for non-technical content editors.
  • Provides data on psychological issues and qualified providers addressing those issues.
  • Filtering across multiple fields for Providers.
  • Supports geo-filtering by distance.
  • Multi-step survey system spanning multiple months, with reminders.
  • Spam prevention.
  • Custom Provider report covering statistics on treatments given.
  • Custom Provider report covering quantitative assessment calculated from patient improvement scores based on follow up surveys.
  • Custom data entry process connecting many related records of data in simple forms.
  • Training platform with testing 
  • Interactive Graphs
  • Multiple levels of user access.
  • Carefully planned workflows for a smooth user experience.