New website launched for ICDC

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved ICDC (Indiana Cooperative Development Center) website - packed full of aesthetic enhancements, robust features, and offers a pleasant user experience. Check out the project page to see details about all the new upgrades.

C4 is honored to have worked with ICDC on this project. It is always a pleasure to work with a fellow cooperative, especially one that commits itself to the growth and success of other cooperatives. This project came with a mountain of unique challenges and puzzles to solve - a perfect fit for our development team.

ICDC initially had a Drupal site that had satisfied their needs over the years, but the time for an upgrade had undoubtedly arrived. As with anything else, you must change with the times. ICDC was ready to put the wheels in motion, and C4 was happy to oblige.

The goal of the project was to update the technology and feature sets to help streamline ICDC's unique workflow. After investigating a few different platform solutions, we opted to redesign the website from the ground up, utilizing Drupal once again. We employed the Bootstrap framework to create the layout and to ensure a beautifully responsive design, for both desktop and mobile viewing.

One of the unique challenges on this project was integrating the ability to create new conference "websites" every year for two different conferences ICDC organizes. ICDC also wanted to ensure scalability by having our team build this in a way that would allow them to add additional sites if needed.

Previously, the conferences had separate URLs and lacked consistent branding to signal that they were a program of ICDC. We wanted to capture the unique identity of each conference, but also provide visual cues and functionality to lead people back to the main ICDC site.

For each conference, the content editors can upload a logo, a banner image, presenters, sponsors, events, and news and signal the website to include them in one specific conference. Additionally, the ICDC staff can create a unique navigation for each conference, promote items to the landing page and sidebar, and create new text and images for the new "homepage", all without the assistance of a developer. Building platforms that empower our clients is always the goal at C4 Tech and Design.

We're delighted with how this project turned out. And as an epilogue to this tale, ICDC was excited to host the new site with our friends over at Gaia Host Collective - which is what they call a "win-win-win" in the co-op world. Thanks, ICDC! This one was a lot of fun.