October 26 2017
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved ICDC (Indiana Cooperative Development Center) website - packed full of aesthetic enhancements, robust features, and offers a pleasant user experience. Check out the project page to see details about all the new upgrades. C4 is honored to have worked with ICDC on this project. It is always a pleasure to work with a fellow cooperative,...Read more >
October 24 2017
Google announced last year that they would eventually start notifying website visitors that the sites they were visiting are not secured with an encrypted SSL connection. You can tell when a site is secured because you will see a padlock icon (and the word "Secure" in Chrome) next to the URL, as well as seeing "https" included at the beginning the URL including, instead of "http". So what does...Read more >
September 14 2017
Do you want to increase revenue by investing in eCommerce? Smart move, but the options can seem overwhelming. First, ask yourself a few questions about your business, taking into consideration your planned growth for the next few years at least. Consider the big picture of your eCommerce site in these terms Number of products Scope of product variants For example: virtual products, custom...Read more >
August 8 2017
Kid Catch Foundation, a fantastic organization whose goal is to promote mental health education and services for children and adolescents in the greater New Orleans region, approached us about building a web app for their organization. They wanted a way to centralize information and resources for parents trying to navigate the byzantine and confusing world of children's mental health services. We...Read more >