C4 Tech & Design in New Orleans, LA

Let C4 Tech & Design be your computer and web design consultants

C4 specializes in a wide range of tech, computer, and design services for a huge range of clients, including home users, non-profits, artists, small businesses, and large organizations.  C4 creates backup schemes that will protect your mission-critical data. We design and build websites from scratch. We troubleshoot and repair computer problems. We create custom applications for the web and mobile devices. We add new software, convert data, and offer training. We leverage our experience and expertise to find the right solution for our clients. Whether it's removing a virus from a computer or building an ecommerce website, we know what it takes to do the job right. 

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How we started

C4 Tech & Design was founded in New Orleans in 2002 by a group of professionals with a diverse collection of technical and creative skills who decided to start a business together. Founded on the principles of a democratic workplace, our cooperative business is worker owned and operated, which means that every worker is a part owner of C4 and receives an equal say in the business. This means that our employees' number one priority is your satisfaction, because every one of us is an owner of C4 and is committed to the best service our business can provide.

What is a worker co-op?

A worker co-op is a business model in which the workers own and run their workplace. The workers become the shareholders, typically receiving equal shares, and each employee has one vote on all matters related to the business. According to the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, "In a worker cooperative, workers own their jobs, and thus have not only a direct stake in the local environment but the power to decide to do business in a way that is sustainable for us all. The worker cooperative movement is increasingly recognized as part of the larger movement for sustainability. Worker cooperatives tend to create long-term stable jobs, sustainable business practices, and linkages among different parts of the social economy." For more info on worker cooperatives, check out the USFWC's website.